Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Truck

We finally picked up our baby yesterday. It was a month ago yesterday that we bought our Kenworth T2000 and it had taken that long to get the conversion done. But it's ready now!
We had the conversion done at Kohler's garage in Beloit Kansas and they did an awesome job.
They removed both axles and suspension and replaced them with an axle and suspension from a Freightliner. They installed an ET air Hitch that we purchased from Henry Szmyt. And put on full fenders. Now she is ready to pull our Teton wherever we go.

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  1. Hi,
    In reading the post on the HDT forum about your new truck, It brought me here to your blog.
    then I realized that kdet is the one who started the movie and recipe thread. (which I love!)
    We have a HDT, too and a Travel Supreme....our blog is
    Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hi'.


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