Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maiden Voyage or the Adventure Begins

We left Kansas on Friday, October 3rd for the Heavy Duty truck rally in Hutchinson; Ks. Phil drove the truck great! We got into the Hutchinson fairgrounds that afternoon and started setting up. It was strange seeing all those rv’s and big trucks together.

We spent a week there meeting some great people and attending seminars that were informative and interesting. They guys did a terrific job putting it all together for us.

Chloe made a friend right away, Trash did his best to talk trash to her but it didn’t work.

On Saturday we headed for Dallas to see a friend of ours. We spent the night in a campground in NFW OK, pretty but no amenities. Unfortunately our friend in Dallas was still in Canada, so we drove on to San Antonio.

We had planned to spend a couple of days there visiting friends but we couldn’t get in touch with them so after spending the night there we headed to Mission.

We picked up a rock and thanks to our pressure pro Phil noticed right away that we were losing air in a tire. So we had to stop at a tire place to get it fixed. It was one of those places that is tucked away and the only way out was to drive into a narrow alley, but Phil did outstanding!

We ran into some rain and the connector to the lights came unplugged so he had no trailer brakes and no lights but again he did terrific.

We made it into Mission.

Home sweet home.

This place is incredible, beautiful and so quiet.

As soon as the rain stops I'll put up pictures of our lot here.


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  2. Hello Kat - glad you all made it to Mission. Made the rangoons and they came out great. Thanks for recipe. Take care and stay in touch.
    Luisa M


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