Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hokey Pokey Anonymous: A place to turn yourself around

Happy Easter!


I love watching the birds out of our window.
This week I even saw a cattle egret walking along the fence.
This week was a week of spinning our wheels and not getting anything accomplished it seemed.
Phil took the KW to the Cat house because he felt it had been running rough lately. It was there for two days and the mechanic called and said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it and that he was very impressed with our truck!
On the way home from the Cat house we passed some cacti and Phil stopped so I could take some shots.
catcus bloom
I had to bake some more bread this week for some new people that bought into the Village
Can’t you smell the yummy bread goodness?
This is my favorite song of the week. It doesn’t hurt that Robin Thicke is yummy goodness himself.
We borrowed the ATV from the park next door and went exploring. Phil drove while I played with the camera.
Retama Tree
Retama Village (home) in the distance
Neat path

Zachary Taylor’s Old Home
132 - Copy
cool plants
Great Egret
standing egret2

Cow cam
Darn paparazzi!
I love calves!
calf cow4

Phil took the KW to Angel’s to have it’s rear end lube changed. Sounds a bit obscene, doesn’t it? We were hoping that it would help with the KW’s leakage problem, but when we got him home he still isn’t housebroken!
We had Ken and Kathy over for dinner. They are leaving Monday. This place is emptying out fast!
I made chicken, strawberry spinach salad, deviled eggs, sweet onion casserole, marinated cucumbers and onions and white chocolate covered strawberries.
People are usually surprised at how tasty the salad is. It’s the dressing! Red wine vinegar, oil, lemon juice and Splenda.
This is the easiest dessert that I make but is so delicious and elegant. Just make sure you use good quality white chocolate.
Phil spent the next two days chasing parts that couldn’t be found. Hear those wheels spinning?
He did at least get a Cat hat for his birthday that’s coming up this week.
He looks so dashing!

Friday we had a community potluck since so many people are leaving for the season.
I made Calico beans. This has several different kinds of beans, two pounds of hamburger, a pound of bacon, and onions. Mmmmm!
calico beans
I also made cornbread from a mix. When will I ever learn? The cornbread turned out awful. I’ll make it from scratch next time.
I managed somehow to lose the top off my crock pot. Phil thinks I broke it awhile back and threw it away, then forgot. I borrowed Yvonne’s and I liked it so much that Phil went and got me one just like it.
We had a great crowd show up for the potluck and all of the food, except my cornbread, was delicious.

Did I mention that the cats love to bird watch also?
furface bird watching bird watching2

Whiskers looks a little disgusted, doesn’t he?

I love how he sits in the chair though with his little arms crossed.

Smudge gets right up there and talks to them.

Saturday we went to dinner at Kathy and Ken’s. Leann and Eddie and Martha and Jerry joined us.

We had a lot of fun and Kathy made these wonderful shrimp and beef kabobs! I also got to drink my favorite wine.
Don’t tell anyone but I think I drank most of the two bottles that they had for dinner. I really love this wine.
This morning we watched church online and the sermon was fantastic. I felt strange, though, not wearing my Easter dress and bonnet to church!
You can watch it here.
Eighteen of us went to Furr’s Buffet for dinner tonight. They served a pretty good Easter meal.
I’m still cooking Easter dinner for Easter Monday though.
Movies this week:
The Strangers starring Liv Tyler.
This was an awesome terror movie.The suspense kept me jumping!
War INC. Starring John Cusack and Ben Kingsley.
Amusing political satire.
Website this week: Deviant Art