Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Gave ALL

The dead soldier's silence sings our national anthem. 
~Aaron Kilbourn

I am so grateful for all of the soldiers that fought and died for our country and for our freedom.

This week had it’s ups and downs.
Monday Sheri and I went birding and I took some great pictures of some of the birds she had found.
This is the Altamira Oriole and her nest.
oroile nest8
 oroile nest5
oroile nest6
After Sheri went home I laid in the hammock that is over at the park and just enjoyed the sounds of the birds and looking up at the beautiful sky.
Early Tuesday morning Sheri woke up in pain and went to the emergency room, spent hours there, then was finally admitted and told she needed emergency gall bladder surgery.
So we started praying!
She came through the operation just fine.  Thank you, Father!
I did some more birding this week.  I got a terrific picture of a Scissortail nest with eggs and a picture of the mommy.
scissortaileggs scisortailnest
Also, a wonderful head on shot of the Pauraque.pauraque
Friday we had a potluck at the Retama Club for the few of us Village people that are left.  I made a coconut cake.
Everyone always brings such wonderful dishes to share.
Our cats are so funny. Whiskers hasn’t paid any attention to Phil for seven years, and now he won’t stay out of his lap!
Can you tell my darling husband hates having his picture taken?

I love all of our fur babies
Today I went to look at the Kiskadee nest.  The babies had left the nest but there were plenty of Kiskadees around.
Books this week:

Harlan Coben  Hold Tight

One of my favorite new authors.

 Tami Hoag  Prior Bad Acts

I've read her books before. This one I liked better than the others I have read.
I enjoyed the characters and the story line.

Movies this week:
Fred Claus Starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti.
Ok movie, one I wouldn't watch again.

Valkyrie Starring Tom Cruise

I liked this one a lot. The movie is based on a true story of a few honorable men in Germany willing to stand up against Hitler, knowing it would mean their life.

Passengers Starring Anne Hathway

This movie had a real twist to it.

Twilight Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert  Pattinson 

Vampire love story, I can see why the kids like it.

Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig.

I think Daniel Craig does a great job as Bond. I like him a lot more than Pierce Brosan but not as much as Roger Moore. And no one stands up to Sean Connery!


  1. Nice Kitty picture....Mega2 is very playful and your right, FUNNY!

    She adores Ms Pat, she used to always hang out with me, but all of a sudden she won't leave Pats side....
    I keep telling her that "I" saved her,,,,and had to do the hard sell to get to keep her. But she don't listen,,,typical girl!!!:-)
    Just kidding of course,,,OF COURSE!

    Take care,,,

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. You are the only person that EVER comments on my blog. It's kinda depressing that no one else leaves a comment. I'm really grateful that you do though!


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