Friday, June 5, 2009

On the road!

Tomorrow we leave early to go to McKinney TX.

We are having all of the day/night shades replaced in the Teton with the American Duo® Day/Night Shade System from MCD Innovations.  I have always hated the day/night shades that came in our fifth wheel.  The cords break or come loose and now the cats have decided to chew on them so they break more often!
The new shades don't have cords and not only that they are remote controlled.  Can you believe that?? You push a button and the shades go up!
The day shades allow you to see out, which the old ones didn't but they also provide UV protection and keep the heat out, which is a must here in South Texas.

Here is something similar to what we will be getting.

I'm sure they will be much easier to clean then the ones we have now!
We should be there about a week. They come in measure the blinds, then make them, then install them for you.
They have full hookups at their site and also wifi so hopefully I'll still be able to post but I wanted to post this before we left in the morning.

I'm also excited because for the first time I get to actually ride in the Kenworth with Phil instead of following behind him.
So the whole family gets to be together for a change and I get to sit up high!

I've spent the week this week watching a scissortail couple building a nest in a tree right behind our window! They remind me of clowns, but good clowns, not the evil clowns that keep me up at night:)
We had a bad thunderstorm the other night and I went out the next morning to see if the nest was still there and if the scissortails were going to rebuild or call FEMA. I guess they decided to rebuild because daddy started bringing sticks and mama was fixing the nursery.
It was so funny, he brought this one stick and I don't know what was wrong with it, wrong color, size, something but she just told him off in bird talk!
She is so meticulous in arranging the stuff he brings her. It's like he heads off for Home Depot and comes back and she's there decorating the nursery just so.
I could watch them all day!


The butterflies are also starting to come in.
I did a photo walk last night. Something I'm thinking about doing whenever I can. The world looks so different when you start looking at it from the perspective of a camera lens.

I'm really noticing the beauty that God has given us.



  1. Hey Kathy, thanks for commenting on my SCL post. Looks like we have a couple of common friends (i.e. Sherri, Katdish). It's always great to make new acquaintances. Hope to see you around again. God bless and happy blogging!

  2. Kathy,
    Love your photo's..... great job...
    Where are you guys now ?
    Mary, Skipper and I have landed in Eugene, Oregon. Took us one month to make the trip... a wonderful trip. Miss all at Retama... did stop and see Becky and Pearre at a Montana Rally... we snuck in.. no one noticed they were invaded by an Alpenlite.. Had a great visit and then really missed all at Retama.
    Have a great summer.... keep taking those photo's..


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