Sunday, June 14, 2009

A song for your heart, but when it is quiet, I know what it means and I'll carry you home. I'll carry you home.

Our good old Kenworth carried us safely home yesterday.

We love our new shades. The people at MCD Innovations were a pleasure to work with. The installation went smoothly and was very fast.






The best thing is all is of course the remote. With a push of a button you can raise and lower the shades, which is really handy for the shades that are difficult to get to.

I took a picture of the remote. The coolest thing is that with one push of a button all of the shades either go up or down.


You would have to have the old day/night shades in order to understand why it was so important to get them changed. The cords on the old ones were constantly breaking and having to be restrung. When you live in an RV you need that illusion of space by being able to open all of the shades and letting all that light in, but that also means sometimes letting in all the heat in also. That’s why the day shades were so important to have.

We were pleased as punch with our new shades but we were anxious to get back home also. We decided to leave at 6:30 a.m. so we could drive drive straight home with no overnight stops.

Hooking up and leaving was no problem. We are finally getting pretty good at getting ready to leave.

Chloe climbed right up her doggie ramp so I guess that means she doesn’t dislike riding in the truck anymore.

Even the cats were pretty laid back about getting in the truck for another trip.

smudge and whiskers


We did have a problem coming home though.

Phil realized as we were coming into Dallas during rush hour, stop and go traffic that we no longer had any lights on the trailer. That meant that we had no brake lights or turn signal lights.

Phil just Knew that someone was going to rear end us because we didn't have brake lights. We still had eight hours of driving ahead of us! I started praying that we would get home safe and with our home undamaged. Hubby isn't confident in his mechanical skills so he wasn't sure how to fix the problem. But God was listening.
Phil decided to stop at Camping World so I could look around while he wired around the Hoppy taillight convertor, attempting to get everything but the turn signals working again. While looking for a 12 volt test light there he instead found a cheap lighting convertor to temporarily replace the one that he was sure had stopped working. He disconnected the Hoppy and wired in the new convertor. It worked! We had working lights! I just knew that God had given him the solution to our problem. I was so proud of Phil!

Our house in the Camping World parking lot


Phil working his magic


We made the rest of the trip without incident.

It was kinda cool though how many people are fascinated by our truck and trailer. One girl at a stoplight asked me about our set up and a girl passing by on Phil’s side said “Wow!”.

We had truckers giving us thumbs up as they passed.

After we got home I did managed to drop an eighty-five pound wheel and tire on my foot! The way it swelled up I was sure it was broken, but I guess it just bruised it badly because I could walk on it today with just a little pain. It is now all of the colors of the rainbow though. :)

We checked the mail when we got home and I found I had won a book! It’s an advanced reading copy of I can See You by Karen Rose.


The hardback won’t be published until August 2009 so that is exciting. I’ve never had an advance copy of a book before.

I’d been concerned whether my scissor tail couple would still be in our backyard, so as soon as we had gotten parked I jumped out to check on them. I was so happy to find mama scissor tail sitting on her nest.


I got up early this morning before the heat came beating down. I wanted to wash our windows so we could see clearly out of our new day shades. This past week the temperatures have been over 100°. For the past two weeks we have only had one air conditioner working. The other one needs a new motor, and it is on back order, so here we sit melting.

I had bought Windex All in One Window cleaner. img_allinone

I was really pleased at how well it cleaned the windows, and how much easier it was to reach all the way to the top of our windows.

We have never been able to put out all of our awnings because we didn’t have the hook that you use to pull them out. Only the big awning in the front is automated. But, while we were at the big Camping World at New Braunfels, we picked one up. I am hoping that putting all of the awnings out will help with the heat in the Teton.


My song pick of the week.:)

Movies this week: I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsey Lohan.

I don’t like Ms. Lohan as an actress but the movie wasn’t too bad, except for the ending. I thought the ending could have been a little less sappy. There was too much gore for my taste also. Not one I’d watch again, but at least I didn’t feel like I had wasted ninety minutes of my life.

I also caught up on all of this season’s episodes of Rescue Me. I love Denis Leary as an actor and Rescue Me is one of the better shows on television, in my opinion.

Books this week. Still reading Michael Connelly's detective series. One of the books this week that I read I thoroughly enjoyed was A Darkness More Than Night. It has the main character, Harry Bosch, in it, but this time he is the suspect in a brutal killing and is being looked at by a former FBI profiler.

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