Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise Your glorious name." 1 Chronicles 29:13

Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together. I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:3-4)
I try and keep this blog upbeat and not fill it with all of the times I have been so deep in the valley that I didn’t even know if the mountaintop existed anymore. Who wants to read about fear, anxiety and depression? I know I wouldn’t! But now that God has delivered me from my fears, I can share with you what life has been like for us these last months.
My darling husband has not had a job in nineteen months. He works in pipeline construction, and while it is normal for him to not work in the winter, it is very unusual to go this long without work. We have some savings, and he was drawing unemployment for a while. The unemployment ended, and ever since we have been burning through our savings. We have had some truck repairs on the Kenworth, on the Teton, and on the Astro that couldn't wait, so we were getting anxious for him to get a job. The problem was that the summer seemed to be passing us by with no news of work anywhere! Phil had finally gotten to the point where he was convinced that it was time to seek other job opportunities. The drawback to that was that, while we don’t live extravagantly, we still like the lifestyle that we have, and few jobs offer the salary that pipeline construction does.
I was praying daily, and all of our friends were praying with us, yet I admit that my faith was getting shaky. I even posted on my Facebook page wondering if the lack of an answer from God was the answer.
But, even though my faith was shaken, God is ever faithful!
Saturday morning, Phil got a phone call to inform him that he has a job in North Dakota!
We leave Friday for Thief River Falls, Minnesota, for orientation and training, then on to North Dakota for six months or so!
I’m not sure yet which town in North Dakota we’ll be in; with the deluge of information Phil got on the phone yesterday the location slipped his mind. That is alright though. We will know soon enough!
One thing I find strange though is that we bought the Teton and the Kenworth just for this reason, so that we could be portable and go from job to job having our house and things with us, but for this job we can’t take them with us. The Teton is equipped for cold weather, but not bitter cold weather! So we will staying in a motel or whatever we can find for the next six months. I don’t even mind that though. I am filled with joy! I’m excited about embarking on our new adventure. I know God has great things in store for us!
Phil is finally getting a job as an inspector. He has always wanted to inspect, but instead he has done the office work or handled the materials. This is such a great opportunity for him! The salary is much better than working in the office, and it will give him the experience that he needs to get other inspection jobs. God not only answered our prayers, He answered them in ways we couldn’t even imagine!
In other news……
Yes, I did do some birding and butterflying this week!
Click on any picture to see it enlarged.
Ani Fledgling
It hasn’t quite got the hang of camouflage yet!
Laughing ani


A pair


bunny07211 bunny07212

This has to be where fairies came from!
butterfly72302 butterfly072303 butterfly072304
A Dogface. Can you see the poodle face on the wing?
Dogface1 dogface0723best2dogface072301 Dogfacebest Dogfacebest2
I found a Bull snake this morning just sunning itself on a bush.
Bull  Snake07261
I called Carol and she came and got it.
Here she is modeling the latest in snake fashions!
Finally got a picture of the Black Witch Moth. I’ve only been trying for weeks!
I won a couple of contests this week. I won this purse from
Purse Blog and Forum
And I won Patrick Carman’s Atherton Trilogy Giveaway from J.Kaye’s book blog!
So that was my week. Hopefully North Dakota will offer many new and exciting things to see! We don’t know when we will be online, but I’ll be posting again as soon as I can. Please pray for us that we will have safe travels.
For those of you who entered my book contest I changed my mind and I'm going to pick the winner tomorrow and email the winner so that they have time to email their shipping address to me before I leave town.