Sunday, January 24, 2010

If Life Gives You Lemmings…...Jump Off A Cliff

As soon as I saw this quote in a book I was reading this week, I knew I had to title this week’s blog with it. This could be my new catch phrase!

Big news this week. Phil got offered a job in Pennsylvania, 30 miles from his hometown! We have to be in Harrisburg for his orientation by February 15th and then we go to Waynesburg until November.

This was such a busy week! Monday we got the coach house cleaned out and reorganized, what a job that was.

Tuesday afternoon there was a block party the next street over from us. There was food and music and I even got to try a new drink called a “chocolate cake” and it really did taste like chocolate cake, weird but delicious!

Block Party

Thursday I went with the birding group from next door at Bentsen RV Resort. We went to Salaneno and to Falcon State Park. Salaneno was by far my favorite. I saw a few birds I had not seen before such as the Savannah sparrow ,Black-crested Titmouse, Long-billed Thrasher and Bewick's Wren. I also saw the Audubon's Oriole, along with Green Jays, Altamira Orioles and Hooded Orioles
and we got a great look at a Harris's Hawk on a back road on the way to Falcon Dam.

This is my favorite shot of the day!Long Billed Thrasher [800x600]

That was the Long –Billed Thrasher.

This bird has an absolute beautiful song!

This is the Harris’s Hawk

harrishawk2 [800x600]harrishawk3 [800x600]

We interrupt this blog for this important message from the Dairy Association.

An Oriole

AltimeraOriole [800x600]

20100232 copy [800x600] 20100258 copy [800x600] 20100260 copy [800x600] 20100267 copy [800x600] AltimeraOriole [800x600]

20100173 copy [800x600]

An Orange Crowned Warbler.

20100257 copy [800x600]

Thursday evening we had a potluck that was a “see you later” for Pat and Mike and a Happy Birthday to Kathie.

We actually managed to get group shots of the Retama guys and gals, thanks to Linda. Yours truly was without her camera, if you can believe that!

Retama Gals

guys of reatama

Friday, Jutta came and helped me organize my cabinets. I am so blessed to have a friend that can organize things so well.I don’t have that ability at all and that is why I found out that I had 5 boxes of Zesta saltines! Now , not only can I find things, but I even ended up with more room!

Saturday morning I went over to Bentsen to see what I could see. I was thrilled to see “Smudgy” the hybrid that I had just read about that morning on Texbirds.

smudgeypsp [800x600]

He is a Altamira X Audubon Oriole hybrid according to some posters on Texbird.

He is so neat to look at.

While waiting to see the Rose-Throated Becard this Long-Billed Thrasher was singing up a storm. They have a beautiful song!

So that was the week and the coming week looks to be even busier!

Books this week

Afraid by Jack Kilborn

Peponi By John W. Buckley

Present Darkness Frank Peretti

The Devil You Know by Mike Carey

Tried to watch a couple of movies this week, still no TV due to a faulty satellite receiver, the movies I chose were unfortunately unwatchable.

Smoking Aces 2: Assassins Ball

Funny People.

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