Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things change. You never set foot in the same river twice.

I don’t know where I heard this saying this week but I knew as soon as I heard it that it was going to be the title of this week’s blog.
This was a sometimes frustrating, yet productive and joyful week.
We have a lot to do to the fifth wheel and truck before we can be ready to go on the next job. We are both anxious to get our “to do” lists done with. The problem is, we have both had terrible colds, and we just haven’t had a lot of energy to get things done. But, we have managed to get a lot accomplished this week. Rather, Phil has. I’ve been too busy birding and socializing!
Monday we went to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, to make a dentist appointment for me. It hasn’t changed much since the last time we were there. We had heard about the shooting that happened a few weeks ago, and I was a bit apprehensive this time about going off the main thoroughfare to the farmacia that Phil likes, but everything was fine.
Read about the shootings here: Progresso Shootings
Phil has managed to buy new recliners for the fifth wheel, order a new printer, purchase a porch and steps for outside, made an appointment to get our hydraulic jacks fixed, order a tripod for our satellites, a pintle hook for the back of the Silverado for when he is working, and several other necessities. Now, if we get called for a work project, we will be closer to being ready to go.
It has been unseasonably cold here in the Valley. We have all been hunkered down in our homes while the damp and cold has seemed to seep into our very bones. We have had to go out and wrap up our bushes and flowers in hopes of saving them from freezing. It’s not at all what we are used to down here in the Valley.
Wednesday I braved the cold to go check out the Butterfly Walk at the State Park. Jose was our leader, and there were only two other ladies beside myself there for the walk. By the time I left we had only seen three butterflies, and I got a photo of only one of them.
soldier [800x600]
I suppose the cold was too much for them also.
Saturday was a big day for me, though. I went over to Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park and saw so many kinds of birds that I haven’t seen before: a Rose Throated Becard, the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, the Clay-Colored Thrush, the Orange Crowned Warbler, and the Lesser Gold Finch.
The Becard has caused a lot of excitement over at the park. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to my neighbor, Dennis, who is a terrific birder, and he helped me locate it. I was thrilled to get a photo of it.

His chest is so lovely and I love his little puffy head.
This is one of my favorite pictures I took yesterday.
Bluegraygnatcatcher [800x600]

20100109_33 copy [800x600]
I got a lot of good shots yesterday.
GreenJaypair [800x600] Altamira Oriole4 [800x600] Altamira Oriole5 [800x600] claycoloredthrushsmall
goldencrownedwarbler [800x600]
Cardinalfemalw [800x600]
GreatKiskadee [800x600]
greatkiskadee5 [800x600] GreenJay [800x600]

woodpecker [800x600]
woodpecker2 [800x600]

Yesterday a bunch of the Village girls went to have lunch and play Mexican bingo at Garden Room Cafe in McAllen. Adrian, the owner, gave away some of his unique jewelry pieces as prizes.

LadiesBingo2 [800x600]Ladiesbingo [800x600]
Almost everyone was a winner.
I didn’t win, but Yvonne won twice and was sweet and gave me her second win, which was a beautiful necklace.
Today I went back over to the park and got a couple more pictures of the Rose-Throated Becard.
Rosethroatedbeccard [800x600]

Rosethroatedbeccard3 [800x600]
I also got to see the baby Javelina.

Babyjavalina2 [800x600] Babyjavalina [800x600]
Isn’t it cute?
Books this week:
Anton the Dove Fancier, by Bernard Gotfryd
The Great Plains, by Ian Fraizer, a wonderful book about the great plains that weaves together history, folklore, comedy, and travel. I especially loved the chapter on Crazy Horse.