Monday, September 6, 2010

Cars, Cars and More Cars

The past two weekends we have went to three different car shows.

The Italian Festival in Uniontown had a huge car show last weekend, along with food and vendors.

Debra and I went to Meloni’s for lunch, then looked at the cars.

debra and me at melonis


Italian Fest

Gen. George Marshall statue in downtown Uniontown


 Mark Car

Italian Fest Car show

 Italian Fest Car show2

Italian Fest Car show3

Cool Bike

Peterbilt Bike

Italian Fest Car show4

 Italian Fest Car show5

 Italian Fest Car show6

Italian Fest Car show7

 Italian Fest Car show8

Sunday, Phil, his mom and I went to the Oakhurst Tea Room for dinner and to look at the classic cars there.


Oakhurst tearoom6

The food was delicious and the cars were great.

Oakhurst tearoom5

 Oakhurst earoom

 Oakhurst tearoom2

Oakhurst tearoom3

 Oakhurst tearoom4

This Sunday we went to the car show in Cardale, PA


Cardale car show 3


Cardale Car Show




We took a ride, and I got some shots around the area.




A former company store, a relic of coal mining’s long gone glory days in this area.


 Company store

A Marcellus Shale gas well being drilled

Gas Well

Up close shot of the drilling rig


A house that I liked


Reading a new series by Michele Bardsley.