Friday, April 29, 2011

Fawk You Friday

Fawk You Friday is a weekly meme put up by Boobies, Babies, & A Blog and My Mad Mind . It’s a terrific way to vent your frustrations of the week and believe me this week I was frustrated!

Fawk you shoe store sales girl who dresses like a teeny bopper slut with your boobs hanging out all over the place,and has to flirt with my husband. Sure it was great customer service for him, not so much for me. Smile

Fawk you Positional Vertigo! Suddenly the room is spinning like I’m on a perpetual crappy carnival ride, my head is killing me and I’m throwing up like I just got off a three day binge. Before this week I didn’t even know you existed.

Fawk you Doctor’s office that made me wait 45 minutes in the waiting room,feeling like I may pass out at any second. The only reason I'm STILL not sitting there is because I drug myself over to the window and demanded to be seen NOW.
Fawk you to  the nurse,who when I told her I could barely walk due to the dizziness, was kind enough to say,”Grab the wall”

Sigh…there now, I feel much better.
Thank you for following my Fawk You Friday.