Sunday, April 24, 2011

For I remember it is Easter morn, And life and love and peace are all new born. ~Alice Freeman Palmer


Easter, the promise of new life.


We had a busy,crazy week this week.

Monday was Phil’s birthday. I made his favorite birthday dinner last Sunday.Turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and Spice cake with Comfort frosting. Alicia came down to eat with us.

I got Phil a remote control helicopter because I thought he’d enjoy it.

He flew it around the office some Monday.

Sara took us both to lunch at Buds, Phil’s favorite restaurant and I got the waitress to put a candle on his birthday pizza.


Somehow I got it into my head to make Easter baskets for our friends and family. I don’t know why I get these ideas.

I bought all the stuff and then while looking at recipes I found this…


This makes those cute little cake balls. Well, I found out that Kohls had it on sale for 19.00! I called all the Kohls around but the only store that had one was the WA store. WA, PA that is. So I asked, begged my sweet husband to take me there that night and he said ok! We got the cake pop maker and I was so excited that I was reading the booklet that came with it all the way home…until we hit the deer that is.

Yep, we hit a poor deer on the turnpike, or rather the deer hit us. Phil tried to avoid it but this was a suicidal,Kamikaze deer.

Luckily we weren't hurt and the car seems to have only surface damage, but daggone!

My poor car.

So my wonderful cake pop maker cost me a lot more than the 19.00…sigh.

Yesterday, I spent making my treats.

Birds nests

Rice Kripsie Eggs

Cake pops

Oreo Suckers

Easy Easter egg cupcakes

Easter Lollipops


Everything turned out good except the Oreo Sucker Pops

The Oreos kept breaking on me when I tried twisting them apart.

This one was my favorite. I made it for Erika and Todd and Lexie.

We met them last year when we were living in Windridge. Todd is a welder and he just got hired on to our project and they moved into the trailer park.

Here is Erika and Lexie helping me with the Easter goodies.

Look at Lexie What a cutie!

Some photos of the boys and the birds.


Sun worshippers


Saw this tree on the home from Debra’s the other day and had to stop and take a picture.

Tree Alone LR