Monday, August 8, 2011

A trip to Bedford and Somerset County

Debra and I have been enjoying our drive by shooting days. We went to Bedford, PA, which is a touristy town that has some cute shops and antique stores.
Debra got tickled at me though when I thought an old jar was 4.00 and it was really 400.00 dollars. Oh well.
The countryside is so beautiful in Pennsylvania.
20110722_88 copy

20110722_95 copy

20110722_68 copy

covered bridge somerset
We stopped at a Mennonite farm to buy some fresh vegetables and saw this cute dog.
dog on mennonite farm
Debra bought this beautiful flower arrangement.
sunflowe and peaches mennonite farm
grey and pink

somerset county 2
Somerset County
We ate lunch at the beautiful Georgian Inn,
georgian inn

20110728_55 copy

Located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Southwestern, Pennsylvania, this twenty-two room Georgian mansion has been lovingly and magnificently restored to its original grandeur. Beautiful oak paneling, ornate fireplaces, gold leaf chandeliers and an expansive marble foyer recreate the standard of living known to Mr. D.B. Zimmerman, a local coal and cattle baron, for whom the house was built in 1915.
The beautiful Somerset courthouse.
20110728_81 copy