Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week long birthday celebration

Phil laughs at me because I love birthdays, and I make the most out of them that I can.
My birthday was August 23rd but I started celebrating last week.
Debra took me to Applebee’s for lunch and I got a huge Mudslide for desert!
Sue and I went to Point Marion to Apple Annie’s for lunch.
Apple Annies
They have the BEST homemade deserts.
Sue is another inspector’s wife, that I just met. She is into photography, and birds and get this…the Holocaust, just like me…crazy, huh?
She is also beautiful, funny, smart and has the most caring heart.
So I have a new running buddy!
Sunday we went to dinner  at Outback with Debra and Al.
Debra gave me a beautiful necklace and earring set.
Debra present
Tuesday, the day of my birthday. I went to a surprise birthday party for another inspector’s wife, Ethel, whose birthday is the same day as mine.
Martha, Paula and Sue had got us both a cake and a cookie and had fixed us a wonderful spaghetti  lunch.

Later that evening we had cake and ice cream with the Pierces, the Washingtons, and Steve.Young

So I had a terrific, wonderful birthday surrounded by many friends and my loving husband and my sweet son.