Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Covered Bridge Festival

Sunday was the  Annual Washington and Greene County covered bridge festival. There are ten covered bridges to see along with music, Civil and French and Indian war reenactments and lots of food and crafts.
We managed to see seven of the ten and drove 125 miles to do so.

Carmichael Bridge (1 of 1)
White Bridge (1 of 1)
Wyit Sprowls (1 of 1)

Hughes  bridge
Brownlee Bridge

Brownlee Bridge2
The French and Indian War
20110918_143 copy
Fire in the hole!
20110918_145 copy
20110918_168 copy
Love this cute boy driving this old tractor.
20110918_192 copy
Such beautiful country
20110918_194 copy
Sheep (1 of 1)
Books I’ve read lately.

The Hell of Treblinka