Friday, August 31, 2012

If you have to turn 50, do so with great friends!

Phil always laughs at me because I don’t celebrate my birth day, I celebrate an entire week or more. This year I wanted my birthday to be special because I was turning 50, wow! I wasn’t depressed to be turning 50 but rather grateful that I had lived this long.
Phil kicked off my birthday by taking me to Stonehouse for all I could eat crablegs. I managed to eat two pounds. So tasty!

Then Phil took me to ride on the Gateway clipper cruise, and dinner at Houlihans. The cruise was a sunset cruise and it was beautiful watching the sun set on the river and on the bridges.
Gateway Clipper Cruise2
Gateway Clipper Cruise

Flowers from Phil
my 50th9
Debra picked me up early on Thursday morning and we met Sue. They spirited me away to a “secret” location. It turned out to be the Stonewall Jackson Resortin West Virginia.

There was a bottle of wine waiting for me.
my 50th8
Our waiter was terrific!
My 50th
My 50th2
My 50th3
We had a lovely buffet lunch and then I got my cake
My 50th4
The girls dresses me in a tiara.
My 50th5
My 50th6
Our waiter even sung and danced for us!
my 50th7
Beautiful day. I want to go back with Phil during the fall to take more photos.
Stonewall Jackson Resort2
Susie Stonewall Jackson Resort

Stonewall Jackson Resort
My birthday presents
New Canon zoom lens


Bird swing feeder

Simply Fine Lenox Chirp Towel

So I had a fabulous 50th birthday!
Books I’ve read lately