Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Memorial To Our Fur Baby Chloe


This past Tuesday our dog, Chloe, passed away. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer 14 months ago, and we had expected to lose her much sooner.

It has been a hard week for Phil and I both.

We had just bought her a new bed the night before and I took her picture that morning.

Chloe Nov 26 2012

We got her in November, 2000, just before Thanksgiving, when we were living in Knoxville,TN.

I saw her at PetSmart, at their puppy rescue, and I couldn’t wait for Phil to get home so we could go back and see her.  He was hesitant about getting a puppy, but he fell in love with her almost immediately.  She was such a cute puppy, and so tiny.

Chloe Baby

Our friend Evelyn taught Chloe the only trick she ever learned.  She taught her to sit.  Chloe loved Miss Evelyn’s visits.

Chloe and Evelyn copy

Such a sweet girl!  This picture was taken shortly after we brought her home.


Chloe’s first Christmas

Chloe first Christmas

Phil called her delta head, because she would keep her ears like this.Chloe Delta Head

She traveled with us to Colorado, Washington, Kansas, Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.

chuckanut (2)

At Fort Casey, in Washington State

Fort Casey 10

After Phil got the Kenworth, Chloe at first wasn’t sure she liked riding in it.  But soon she was loving riding with her daddy in the big truck.


She also really liked riding in the convertible

chloe in the car

20120108_87 copy

We got Whiskers when we were in Colorado, and Chloe seemed to believe that we got the cat for her.  They were best buddies, often sleeping together, grooming each other, and playing.


I don’t think another dog ever gave anyone more joy and love than she gave to us.  We miss her so much.


chloe (3)