Friday, January 11, 2013

Saying goodbye to PA, heading home to Texas

After 34 months in Pa we are finally leaving for Texas. When we came here in 2010, we never imagined we would stay so long,but I’m glad we did. We got to spend time with Phil’s family, I met a wonderful girl that has became one of my bestest friends and my son came up and started going to film school.

I have seen many beautiful places and met some fantastic people here.

It is bittersweet to be leaving.

We had a going away party at O’Gillies. Phil’s family came and my son David, and our friends, it was really a special night.


Us at ogillies

Hate leaving my baby boy

David ogillies

Hate leaving my best girl too

me and susie

Rosemary is always so terrific at planning these parties, I’ve enjoyed meeting her and all of Phil’s friends.

ogillies gang

I was so depressed over leaving that I didn’t do anything for Christmas but cook.

This was our Christmas tree, at least the ornaments were nice.

sparrow christmas  tree

The weather has made us homesick though. A lot of snow and ice that has delayed our departure a couple of times.

Distressed wagon in snow

I’m going to miss my bird friends,also

nuthatch snow

Books I’ve read lately