Monday, April 8, 2013

Phil’s mom comes for a visit.

Phil’s mom,Joan,came down for a visit. It was her first time seeing our home.
She stayed two weeks with us.
We took her to see all the sights around the Valley.
First we went to the Riverside Club for the two hour boat tour along the Rio Grande. We saw lots of birds and Joan was fascinated with how close Mexico is to us.
Joan and Phil Riverside Club 20132

Riverside Club Boat Tour2
We saw this family fishing on the Rio Grande,look at the size of this fish!
Abandoned cars on the American side of the river

The next day we took her to the Hildago Pumphouse in Hildago.
They have a nice museum and lovely gardens.

Phil’s mom in front of the border wall
Right down the street is a huge nest of Monk Parakeets. This was a life bird for me.

Monk Parakeets 2
We had to take her to see the Killer Bee. Hidalgo is the "Killer Bee Capital of the World"
We then went to South Padre Island.
The beach was covered with Portuguese men of war.

portuguese man of war2

portuguese man of war
I had to laugh at this little girl trying to drag this poor puppy back into the surf.
South Padre 201310
I love the Great Blue Herons with the fish.
South Padre 201317
South Padre 201312
We went by the Turtle Rescue and looked at the turtles there.
Turtle Rescue
Our next trip was to Progresso,Mexico
We took her to the Red Panty bar for her first Margarita.
red panty bar 2
We bought some more art work from our favorite rattle can painter.
We took her to Quinta Mazatlan. This beautiful home, built in the 1930’s, is one of my favorite spots to go birding in the Valley.

Quinta Mazatlan20132
Quinta Mazatlan20139
Quinta Mazatlan201312
We took her to the South Texas History Museum.
The museum was really interesting with lots of facts on how the Rio Grande Valley came to be. It use to be called the “Magic Valley”
There were a couple of happy hours she went to and the Easter brunch that Sue and Dave invited us to.
All in all we thought she enjoyed her visit and we loved showing her around where we live.

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