Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blue Bell Ice Cream, Oh Yes!

I had always heard of Blue Bell Ice Cream and how good it is, but I had never tried it untll Debra took me to Brenham to the Blue Bell Factory. All I can say is wow! The best ice cream ever.
Cameras weren’t allowed into the factory,just outside.



Look at this sugar container!

The factory opened it’s doors in 1907.
After the tour we were given a sample of any ice cream we wanted to try. I got the Butter Crunch and it was so delicious!

Debra and I was driving around and imagine our surprise when we saw this guy putting on or taking off this prison uniform next to a Sherriff vehicle. This is one of those “What the heck moments?”

Prison Guy

A beautiful longhorn.
Texas Longhorn  copy

This was on a billboard at a gun shop
Only in Texas (1 of 1)

Books I've read lately


This one was really fascinating!