Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Minnesota The Star of the North

Minnesota is so different from what I imagined it would be like. We spent some time in North Dakota, and I thought Minnesota would be like there, but it is full of people and so congested and busy. It is beautiful, though. The thing that amazes me is that among all this urban area, there are little parks, beautiful jewels of nature, filled with birds and water, There is a Manomin park, just five miles from our hotel,  that sits on the Mississippi river, that just took my breath away.

Phil is enjoying learning about his new job, and I'm enjoying exploring the area.

The first Saturday, I went to the Wild Rice Festival in Roseville, MN

They had young Native Americans dancing, The Little Thunder Kids, and they were so talented.

I also found a birding park, the Eloise Butler Wildflower and Birding sanctuary.

I'm finding the people here are so nice and welcoming,very different from what you would expect a metropolis to be like.

I loved this bridge at Manomin Park.

So far our stay here has been wonderful.

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