Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Home for Christmas

Phil and I got to go home for Christmas, and to stay in our new house.
It still doesn’t feel real to me, but I’m getting more used to it.
I had fun unpacking the dishes and other essentials that I had ordered online and cleaning everything.

I love my new bathroom set.  It is Sandpipers.

Our house our bath
The guest bath is the Lenox Chirp Set that my girl friends gave me in Pennsylvania for my 50th birthday, before we even knew we were getting the house.

Our House Guest bath

The boys love the new house.  They run and chase each other, then sack out on the couch.

Our house the boys

Smudge adores the fireplace.  We used to have one in our apartment in Washington state.  He would lay in front of it all of the time.

Our House Smudge fireplace

We had Andy and Joanne, our next door neighbors, join us for Christmas  Eve dinner.  As usual, Phil realized that I was trying to steal his soul with my camera, so he hid his face.
Our House first christmas dnner

We had ham, potato salad, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and my mama’s best chocolate chess pies.
Chocolate chess pie christmas new house

We were invited to Christmas dinner at Sue and Dave’s.  They had several people over for prime rib and all the trimmings.  It was delicious!  I didn’t have much at home to bake with, so I made these Candy Cane Blossom cookies to take to the dinner.

Christman cookies our house

We didn’t have a chance to decorate, so we went up to the clubhouse to enjoy the decorations there

Retama Christmas tree

Christmas Retama 2013

We had Happy Hour at our place after Christmas.  About fifteen people showed up.  It was great showing them all our new house.

Phil and I are now back in the Houston area.  We will be here until the end of the job.

Some terrific books I’ve read lately:

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