Monday, March 24, 2014

My love for Miche

A few years ago I discovered Miche purses and it was like a wish come true for me.  Miche is a purse that has a base bag that you change shells.  What that means is never having to change the inside contents of your purse, just the outside.

Miche Bags has created a line of unique, affordable and stylish bags that make it easy to transfer your belongings from bag to bag.  So easy, in fact, it only takes second to do.  The Miche bags are actually two pieces, a base and a shell. The base holds all your belongings and you simply transfer it to the shell you want to use each day.

The Shells can be purchased separately from the Base Bag or with a Base Bag at special bundle pricing, and attach to the Base Bag using safe and durable earth magnets.
Living in a fifth wheel RV means that room is at a minimum.  I just don’t have the room to have all the purses that I would love to have, and I’m one of those girls that loves to have a purse for every pair of shoes, so Miche saved me.

The company was founded by Michelle Romero and Annette Cavanes.  They saw a need for an interchangeable purse and in what I like to call a light bulb moment, the Miche was born.
The naming of the company comes from Michelle's nickname, Miche (pronounced MEE-chee), which her mother-in-law calls her.

The Miche comes in four sizes :Petite, Classic, Demi, and Prima.  I have the Mini, the Classic, and the Prima.

The Mini. A small purse perfect for an evening out when you don't want to carry a big bag.

I have numerous shells because that’s the whole point of Miche, right?  I can change the look of my purse anytime, for going to the store, to going out to dinner.

The Classic with different shells




One of the neatest things I discovered though was that I could turn my Prima bag into a camera bag.  I just ordered a camera insert which fit perfectly into my Miche bag, and now I can carry my camera and change the look of my camera bag whenever I want.

I have a Canon Rebel with several lenses.  Everything is protected in my Miche bag, and it looks terrific too!

I love and believe in Miche products so much that it is the number one gift I have given to friends and family.
Miche isn't just about purses and shells though.  They also offer purse charms and jewelry.

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I received one of the above mentioned products free of charge to facilitate my review, however, all opinions are my own.