Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Fallout Part Two

The Kleb Woods Senior bus trip made another trip to see what birds we could see during spring fallout. This trip we went to Anahauac and High Island.
Both places are great birding spots for spring migrations.

I love the legs on this Little Green Heron and the colors of the feathers are so lovely.
Green Heron Anahuac

This Purple Gallinule is another unusual and lovely bird.

Purple Ganullie Anahauc
A White Faced Ibis taking a stroll
White-faced Ibis Anahuac
Young Rail
anahuac rail

We were all fascinated with these Wilson's Phalaropes. They sit and spin in circles while they feed.

Wilsons Phalarope Anahuac

Rosette Spoonbills nesting at the Rookery at High Island

High Island 9

High Island 8

Snowy Egrets nesting

High Island 7

High Island 4

High Island 3

High Island2

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