Thursday, December 24, 2015

Finding My Joy

Ever since I got hired at Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center as a program assistant, my days have been filled with joy. I never know what new wonder will greet me as I go about my duties in one of the most beautiful places in McAllen, Texas.
Just to be able to walk around the alluring house and grounds would be gratifying in itself, but I also get to be surrounded by the birds and nature that I so love.

Walkway to house.

Quinta Mazatlan built in the 1930's

I get greeted by the Plain Chachalacas as I'm putting out the bird seed and the suet and oranges for the day.

A Great Kiskadee waits impatiently for me to finish.

I travel through the park and as I get to the second feeding station I see our resident Javelina watching me.

I then see this Eastern Cottontail enjoying a breakfast of Night Blooming Cereus

On another day, John, our staff naturalist, introduces me to a new bug,

It's a Flag-footed bug. This beautiful insect has what looks like flags at the end of it's feet, which it uses to create a diversion when confronted by a predator. It is only fund here in the US in Southern Texas.

Each day is a learning experience as I'm surrounded by people willing to tell me about the plants, bugs, and other natural wonders of Quinta Mazatlan and the unique Rio Grande Valley.