Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Busy Week

I think the hardest thing about keeping this blog is trying to figure out what to title it every week:)
Anyway, it was another busy week.

Monday I worked out early and on the way home Phil called me to tell me that there was a beautiful bird outside our window. I hurried home and took it's picture. I found out later it's a kiskidee.

Phil was right, he was beautiful and a real chatterer. The cats loved watching him out the back window.

Tuesday I went over to Sheri's . I needed help re-hemming a pair of Phil's pants that I had hemmed too short. I am not a good seamstress. Not only did she fix his pants, she prayed over me. I haven't had anyone pray over me in what seems like forever. It refreshed and renewed my spirit. Thanks, Sheri! She is a true blessing in my life.

Tuesday night the girls had a chick flick night up at the clubhouse. We popped popcorn and watched Mama Mia. What a fun movie! I was surprised by how much I liked it.

Wednesday Phil and I went shopping.

Thursday two officers from the Border Patrol came and spoke to us. These guys were terrific. They generously gave their time to answer our questions. They spent two hours with us! I know that I learned a lot about the International wall and about their duties and responsibilities. They also spoke about those two Border patrol agents that are serving time in prison. A lot of people seem to think that they should be pardoned but after listening to the agents explain what really took place, I think that those guys are exactly where they should be. We depend too much on what the media tells us and not enough time trying to find out that the "real" story is behind incidents that take place.

After lunch Yvonne and I went shopping. I had a great time with her buying hair "stuff" and looking at clothes.

Thursday night Gregg met us up at the gym and showed us how to use all the machines and gave us a work-out routine. It was so nice of him to take the time to work with us. We both would like to work out in the most effective way possible for us and to be able to do it safely.

Friday, I cleaned house and we went out shopping. Phil bought me a new bicycle seat, so no more blisters on my nether regions, yea! On the way home we saw a new bird. It's hard not to get into birding down here, since there are so many new species that Phil and I have never seen. This one turned out to be a long billed curlew.

Friday night we had our favorite dinner, hamburger steak and onion strings.

Saturday I cooked all day again. Then Yvonne fixed my hair. She is so great at fixing it; I love how she pins it up!

We had Greg and Barb over for dinner. They are renting the spot next to ours. A fun couple, Greg had us laughing all through dinner. They are talking about buying a place here. I hope they do!

I made these chocolate ganache tortes for dinner. They were sublime! They are so easy to make. Pour hot whipping cream over dark chocolate that has been chopped. Add vanilla or kahula and pour into mini phyllo shells. Refrigerate until set, usually about an hour, then grate white chocolate over the tortes.

Today we went to virtual church. Then we washed the Teton , the van, and the Kenworth!
While we were washing, Pat came by to tell us that some new people were coming in and we were having a pot luck up at the clubhouse. Phil thawed out a couple of steaks and I made my famous Vidalia Casserole. All the food was simply wonderful! I got a couple of new recipes to try also!

The gang waiting for the vittles!

Today is also DJ's birthday. I can't believe my baby turned 18 today!

Movies this week:
Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Based on the 1938 novel by Winifred Watson, this movie reminded me of the classics that I have always loved. Starring Frances McDormand.

Bangkok Dangerous
Stars Nicolas Cage playing an assassin on assignment in Bangkok. The movie is directed by the Pang Brothers. It had a comic book feel to it that I enjoyed.

Books this week:
Puppet by Joy Fielding.
Season of the Machete
by James Patterson

I really enjoyed Season of the Machete.

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