Sunday, March 15, 2009

Even if the voices aren't real, they have some good ideas

Ahh, those voices in my head are sometimes the only true friends that I have.

It's been cold and rainy these last few days. I believe we have spent more time indoors this week than the entire time that we have been here.

I got a new haircut this week. This is not an easy endeavor. It's a decision I struggle with each time. My hair is the only thing I am vain about, so finding the right stylist and getting her to listen to me -- "Please don't thin it out. I know it's really thick, but I like that, OK? And please don't chop it all off; I enjoy looking like a girl!" -- is always difficult, especially since I have that Border Collie personality. I just want to please everyone so much that I let myself be talked into things, even hairstyles, that I hate.

Anyway, while Davena was here she got a haircut and I liked hers, so I decided to go back to the same stylist. I looked online for some ideas of how I wanted it cut and printed out some pictures, thank goodness, because as it turned out the girl spoke very little English. But we managed and I love what she did with it.

I also got my talavera numbers up this week, finally. I think DH and I are both getting into the local "manana" mindset.

It's like birding. You may not have ever been interested in birding before, but after spending time down here it rubs off on you.

These are some of the birds at our feeder outside our bay window.

We made molasses cookies this week. Looks like it will be the last batch until we leave, because we used up all we had left of the Brer Rabbit Light Brown molasses. We can't find it in any of the stores down here. DH says that we need to stock up on all the things we are finding that they don't sell down here and bring them with us next year. Anyway, the cookies were yummy delicious and we ate them all up, after sharing a few!

We had spa night one night up in the craft room. Some of us brought wine, and Ellen shared her Mary Kay products with us, so we did our getting ready for bed face routine.

Aren't the pink tables pretty?

It was fun laughing with the girls. After what seemed like tons of lotions later I felt too slippery to get into the hot tub and relax, which was my orginal plan. Anyway, it most likely would have caused an oil slick and we would have had to call the EPA.

Our next door neighbor Carol gave me a starter for Amish Friendship Bread, so I baked that this week also. I'd never had any before but I found out it is tasty. You get to share the starter with other people, too!

Nothing is quite like warm bread right out of the oven, though this is more like cake than bread, covered in cinnamon sugar, mmmm.

The most amazing things happen when you live in an RV. We had met a couple at the Heavy Duty Truck rally back in October, and I had mentioned how much trouble we were having with our Day/Night shades. Well, they are staying here in the Village for about a week and she remembered our conversation and offered to come over and fix our shades! How cool is that? We had four shades that were broken and some others the strings were so tight it was only a matter of time before they broke, too. She restrung the blinds and fixed the broken ones! Now I can see out of ALL of my windows again!

The biggest news though this week is that our friends from Lumberton, Texas are here for a visit. They are staying on the lot we had rented from Jack. Phil had worked with Don a couple of years ago in Washington state and we had met his wife, Rhonda, while he was there. They are a fun couple, and we are thrilled they are here this week! Lots of sightseeing to be done!

Online reading this week.
These are the eight weirdest sea creatures ever discovered. The videos are unbelievable!

Books this week:Homicide Special : On the Streets with the LAPD's Elite Detective Unit
Good non-fiction book.

Movies this week: Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
Fool's Gold with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson

Prince Caspian was a tad confusing for me. I couldn't figure out how many years the children had been gone from Narnia, and where Aslan had been for all those years.

Fool's Gold was amusing at times.

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