Sunday, March 8, 2009

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, I just want to be everything to you.

What a blessing from God to be everything to that one person that means everything to you. I am so fortunate to have that. My husband is my best friend and my hero. I thank God for him every day!

It was another busy week at the Village. Sunday night Henry and Davena came for a visit. They are staying on one of Jack's lots. They are here visiting all of the HDT(Heavy Duty Truck) crowd. Henry designed the ET Hitch that we use on our Kenworth.

Monday evening we had a potluck for Henry and Davena. I made a coconut cake and a hamburger casserole.

Most everyone said that they weren't really crazy about coconut cake, but I didn't have but three tiny pieces left to bring back home!

Monday I read about a rare pink dolphin that was seen in Louisiana’s Lake Calcasieu, an estuary north of the Gulf of Mexico. I didn't know that pink dolphins existed!

Isn't it beautiful?

Tuesday Carol, Dennis, Yvonne, Phil and I went to Progreso.

Before crossing the bridge into Mexico we passed a beautiful bottle brush tree. That's something else I'd never seen before.

I needed some medications and a frame for my talavera house numbers. The night before I had fallen and hurt my hip, Phil's knee was bothering him, and so were Dennis' knee and Carol's back. The only spry one among us was Yvonne. We got what we needed and headed home to recuperate. Soaking in the hot tub that evening helped my hip a lot.

Tuesday night we took Henry and Davena to dinner. We went to Furr's Buffet again.

I must be missing something, because my idea of heaven definitely doesn't include catfish.
Henry and Davena are from New Hampshire so we had to take a picture of him eating a "real" southern meal. Catfish, chicken fried steak with gravy, and mashed "taters".

Thursday a bunch of the ladies got together to sew neck wraps for the troops. You fill tubes of cloth with polymer beads. When you wet them they swell, then you wrap it around your neck to keep cool.

Our goal was to make one hundred of them.

I think we made about eighty, and we are going to be making some more next week.

Henry spent quite a bit of time working on our hitch this week. He and "the guys" fixed the one minor problem we were having with it, then he dismantled it to see how it was holding up in real-time use. While waiting for the thrust bearings that he wanted to replace to arrive, he re-wired the rear plate for us to accommodate two license plate lights, since our new Texas motor home registration requires a front and a rear license plate, whereas our former Pennsylvania truck registration required only one plate on the front.

Friday the Village gave Donna a surprise birthday party. She surely did seem surprised. Almost everyone from the Village was there. She had a huge cake and tons of cards from everyone.

She is a sweet, sweet lady!

Saturday the Village had a community yard sale. I went out to look around, not actually buy anything. I mean, we live in an RV, where do you put anything extra? But, lo and behold, someone had a beautiful patio set for sale and I wanted it! My wonderful, loving, terrific, husband got it for me! It even has a lazy susan which is one of the main things I wanted on a patio table.

It is perfect! Now we can entertain in style.

Sunday we went to Mark and Diane's lot to have happy hour. They are stuck in Massachusetts in all this bad weather and snow, so Davena thought it would be a good idea to let them see what they are missing, since Mark tortured them with pictures and descriptions of the terrific south Texas weather all last winter.

After happy hour we invited Sheri and Rocky, Davena and Henry, and Jim for dinner.

I made grilled chicken, cukes and onions, and yams with marshmallows. Henry brought dessert, a lemon meringue and a peach pie. Yummm! All in all, it was not a bad week.

Books this week...In The Shadow of Wounded Knee: The Untold Final Chapter of the Indian Wars by Roger Di Silvestro

I'm enjoying this book very much. I have done quite a bit of reading of Native American history. This book is a bit disappointing in that you think you are getting some new history. In reality, it is a recap of the events leading up to Wounded Knee.

Movies this week.... The Changling, with Angelina Jolie. It was a much better flick than I anticipated. Good story, strong characters and a twist in the story that the previews never alluded to.

What Just Happened, with Robert DeNiro. A comedy about Hollywood. It had some amusing scenes. Nothing really laugh out loud but some chuckles. The dog part ticked me off, not giving anything away but seeing the scene about the dog over and over made me dislike this movie more than I would have otherwise.


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