Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camera and Webcam giveaway

Life Starring Ellie and Ell has joined up with Best Buy to give some lucky winner a Insignia™ 7.0-Megapixel Digital Camera and a Rocketfish 2MP Autofocus Webcam. I would love to win this pair for father's Day.

You can enter the giveaway here:)
Good luck!
Camera and Webcam Giveaway

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  1. Thanks for your visits to my blog. You said you lived in Skagit Valley four years. Do you plan to return in the future? My original wife & I had planned to be fulltimers but her health problems convinced us that we needed a home base with docs who knew her. So we left Pugetopolis and moved north to a quieter place. I guess that was a good thing as just over a year & a half after I retired, she died unexpectedly. But we did get to make two wonderful Snowbird trips south for winters and take long trips each summer. I am so glad that I retired early and we were able to spend the last 19 months of her life together almost all of that time.

    I never seem to win anything in contests but I still do buy the occasional lotto ticket. It is worth a buck once in a while to dream for a few days. Good luck on wining at least one of the things you've posted about here.


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