Sunday, May 31, 2009

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to


This week was a bittersweet week

We spent Monday and Tuesday helping Sheri and Rocky get ready to leave Mission.  We were probably in the way as much as actually helping, but we wanted to spend time with them before they left.

Sheri was supposed to be taking it easy because she had just come home from the hospital after surgery, but you know how that is.  Stuff has to be done and she was the only one there to do it. I’ve been in that situation many times :)

It was amazing how she got the trailer organized and ready to move!

After all that hard work we went with them to a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel.  It was my first time eating there.

Aren’t they a beautiful couple?




I got the meatloaf dinner.


My favorite thing was the macaroni and cheese.  I could have had a plate of just that and been happy!

Rocky and Sheri finally got underway after several delays that made them a little crazy, which seems to be typical of this lifestyle.

Just look at their truck and trailer.  Isn’t it beautiful?sheriandrocky2

Phil was riding with Rocky for his first practice road test.  Rocky did terrific, of course.

I was so happy for them to finally have their dream come true, but saddened by their leaving.  We will miss them a lot and can’t wait to meet up with them again this fall or winter.

The other difficult event that happened this week involved my birding.

Sheri and I had been keeping an eye on Mama Pauraque and her two eggs.  I went over to the RV park to see if the eggs had hatched and they had!  But, one of the workers had parked his truck right beside the nest.  One of the babies was missing, and the other was potentially in the path of an incoming steel-toed boot.

It really upset me because we had been watching to see the babies hatch and to think that it didn’t even stand a chance was hard for me to accept.

I talked to the campground managers and they didn't seem to have any idea of what to do so I had to leave and hope for the best.

I did get some shots of the little pauraue2

baby pauraue

When I went back later the baby was gone.

It tore me up. And yes I know it’s nature and the circle of life or whatever but all I keep thinking is I hate that life is so hard.  I wanted that little baby to make it.

In other news…….

I went to the Birding Center and took some shots over there of the birds.  There are a lot of mamas, daddies, and babies over there.

Plain Chachalacas


chaukulaka and baby

Oriole in the nest


There were Green Jays playing around the feeders

There were some people at the resaca hauling in turtle traps. They are there doing some kind of turtle study.  Instead of a turtle, though, the gentleman pulled this out of his trap:





I guess someone, maybe a turtle, had eaten part of him.

I then saw a family of Javelinas


And one loner


A pretty Cardinal


A handsome Kiskadee


Friday I went back to the RV park to see the Couch’s Kingbird nest.

couchs kingbird



Saw this pair of Kiskadees.  They were yelling at each other


This Oriole in the tree.


You can hear all the babies squawking in the different nests.

Friday we had another potluck. This one was Mexican themed, so I made a Chocolate Kahula cake.

Chocolate Kahula Cake

You put powdered sugar on it right before serving it.

Everyone said it was good, but I felt it needed some sort of glaze to finish it off.

The Potluck Gang


The food and company was great, as always!

I also made one of Phil’s favorite deserts this week, fruitsicles.fruitscicle

Frozen fruit cocktail on a stick!  Simple but yummy :)

This morning Pastor Adam preached on gluttony.  Here is the link to his sermon series:

Seven Deadly Sins


Books this week: I’m reading Michael Connelly series about Detective Harry Bousch. Read Black Echo, Black Ice and the Concrete Blonde. First three in the series. I love his writing style and feel a connection to his characters.


Movies this week:

New in Town. Starring Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.

Sweet comedy.

Miracle at St Anna

Set in 1944 Italy, the story of four black American soldiers who get trapped in a Tuscan village during WWII.

I enjoyed this one.Good story. Some of the battle scenes were a bit gory.

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