Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round

Wow, my head is all awhirl. Somebody stop this crazy ride, I want to get off! First we are leaving Friday morning for Minnesota and North Dakota. Then Phil gets a phone call saying that we are probably not going to be needing to leave that early because they think the project is going to be delayed.  We had already packed and cleaned out the fridge and threw out stuff to be ready to leave on Friday morning. We stood down and tried to relax and then today he gets an email saying we are back on! So now we are leaving Saturday morning. Thankfully I hadn’t unpacked anything.

So we just have to get it all stowed in the Astro and the GMC and we can be on our way.

Phil ordered me a new camera for my birthday!resize

It’s a Canon Powershot  SX 10 and it has 20X zoom!

I have been so frustrated with my Nikon. I loved my Nikon for a lot of years but it has gotten so it wouldn’t focus half the time and we just didn’t want to spend the money to have  repaired. We had put it in the shop twice since we’ve had it and both times it cost over 300 dollars!

I pretty much begged him for a new camera.

He had ordered it for me from some guy on Ebay and while the guy had gotten good feedback I noticed right after we ordered the camera that his feedback started falling off due to items not being shipped.

I began getting panicky when I realized that we were going to be leaving and the camera was a week late.Phil contacted the seller and he finally shipped it next day air and I got it today. I wanted so badly to go play today and take pictures but with all we had to do I didn’t feel right about leaving the house. I did manage to get a shot of MS Mourning Dove sitting on her nest in the backyard.


All I can say is I can’t wait until we get back here in a few months and I can starting shooting birds and butterflies!

I’m nervous and yet so excited about getting to go somewhere new and  to be able to see some more of our beautiful country.

Please remember us in your prayers that we will have a safe and uneventful journey!


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