Sunday, August 9, 2009

Musings from the Road

Why does seeing a red barn in a field make me feel so happy?



Why does driving in a 75 MPH speed zone still feel naughty?




We drove 1850 miles in three and a half days.  I prayed each day that we would have an uneventful and safe trip, and every day God answered my prayers.  We had no problems, and for the first time in our travels together I enjoyed making the trip.

Before we left home, Phil bought me a Garmin Nuvi 255W.  Having the Garmin eliminated a lot of the anxiety that I usually feel when following Phil on the road.  I felt more in control and less likely to lose him.



Staying in motels made us remember all too well why we wanted to buy and travel in a fifth wheel.  The first motel we stayed in in San Antonio was disgusting.  The second one in Blackwell OK wasn’t as bad.  The one in Council Bluffs was actually pretty nice.  Every night, though, we wished we could be in our own bed.

We’ve spent six nights here in Thief River Falls, MN.  The motel that we’re staying in here is old and nothing fancy, but it was the only one in town that allowed pets.

T59 Motel

A lot of the signs in town welcomed pipeliners . . . or the money they spend, anyway!

Phil spent the week in meetings.  I said a prayer for him that his first day would be a good one.  Imagine how happy I was to hear that not only did he have a great day, but that he found out that his Assistant Chief Inspector was someone we knew from our time in Washington, and that we had attended a bible study with.  It has to be a comfort starting a new job in a new area working for someone you are familiar with.  I love the fact that God grants blessings that we haven’t even thought to ask for.

I managed to go to nearby Wildlife Rescue to get my photography fix.

The refuge was established in 1937 and is home to wolves, moose, and 294 species of birds and waterfowl.

It is a huge area.  Unfortunately, most of the refuge was closed the day I went due to construction.

I did manage to get a few shots though.

027 (600 x 450)


I loved this little guy!

059 (600 x 450)


061 (600 x 450)

062 (600 x 450)


Red Winged Black Birds



076 (600 x 450)



081 (600 x 450)

082 (600 x 450)

I loved being able to get a few pictures this week.

Tomorrow we are moving closer to the job site.  We will be staying in Cavalier, ND.  A state park is just five miles away, so I am happy.

We are looking for an apartment or house to rent to offset the high cost of staying in a motel for six months, but finding a place that accepts pets and that hasn’t been snatched up by one of the other workers that have come into the area for the project will be a challenge.

I’ll try and keep things updated as best as I can!

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  1. Kathy, I am really enjoying your blog and your pics, you should write all this in a book (pics included), it makes for quite interesting reading and it's almost like you're taking us right along with you!


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