Sunday, October 11, 2009

A foretaste of what is to come.


This week we have already had snow for three days in the second week of October! I mean, come on already. I went today and bought snow boots for the first time since we lived in Brush, Colorado, back in 2001.

Before the snow we had a little color in the trees, but not much. Certainly not like in Virginia!

winter nd

This week I worked and baked, as usual.

I made a rice pudding, which everyone seemed to like, although I didn’t care for it all that much. It was the first one I had ever made, and the texture didn’t seem right to me.

rice pudding

I also made some peanut butter cookies. I left all my cook books at home, so I got a recipe off the internet. They weren’t nearly as good as the recipe I normally use….so shoot!

Smudge has been hilarious. When we lived in the apartment in Washington he would camp out in front of the fireplace for hours. Now it’s the heat register in the floor.


As soon as he hears the heat kick on he goes running for the register! He curls around there and lays there until the heat kicks back off.

We also have a room mate.


One of the operators came into town and needed a place to stay, so we let him have the spare bedroom. He runs a dozer and a backhoe. He works, and when he isn’t working he’s out hunting, so we hardly ever see him. He’s a nice guy though.

Phil and I went out to eat on Saturday with Jack and his wife Karen, and Red, one of the Environmental Inspectors. It was fun just enjoying dinner together and talking, even though the food and the service was atrocious. I swear, I don’t know how this cafe stays in business! Every time we have been there the food and the service has just been awful. I hope we never have to go back.

Today we went down to Grand Forks for our bi-weekly grocery run. Phil went back to Home of Economy and got himself some more extreme weather gear. I got snow boots and long underwear.

We stocked up on goodies to eat and went to an Italian restaurant that someone from work had recommended, but which neither of us were impressed with at all.

On the way down he took me on some of the roads adjacent to the right of way so I could see how the job is progressing.

A long section of welded pipe.

long line of pipe.

long line of pipe2

A mainline section and a drag section.mainline section drag section

My attention wandered over to this little guy bathing.


Lowering the pipe into the ditch







Phil has always said that, from the very first day on a job you are working your way out of that job, and this week he found proof of it.


I won three giveaway’s this week

I won this Iceberg ring and earrings and jeweled hair pins.


I also won a 12 pack of Zestra. Click on the link to find out what it is, a clue though is that it is as much of a prize for Phil as it is for me.

I also won another copy of Beat the Reaper!


So that was my week this week.

I pray that God keeps us all well and safe in the coming week!


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