Sunday, November 15, 2009

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships." - Abraham Lincoln


This week seemed to be all about being with friends.

Tuesday Phil and I had the two girls he works with in the office over for dinner.  Jean Ann and her daughter Jessica are from Wisconsin and have been in the pipeline business for several years.  I fixed an Italian meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a strawberry spinach salad and homemade bread sticks and these beautiful Sicilian Orange cakes.


The one on the left looks burnt but it’s just the lighting, I promise.

Wednesday, Penny, my best friend from work , and I went barhopping. All the bars in town are dives, I mean real hole in the wall, dives. But we had fun hanging out together.I don’t drink very much but I did have a Pink Squirrel, one of my favorite drinks from my youth.

Thursday, Debra and I went shopping in Grafton. Grafton is about thirty minutes away. It isn’t a big town by any means but it is bigger than Cavalier and has a couple of unique shops and a nice grocery store.

Saturday Debra, Darlene, Sheri and I went to Walhalla to the Home for the Holidays  put on by the Chamber of Commerce. They had a fashion show, a wine tasting, and several other businesses showing off their wares. All of us bought something.

I got this cashmere long sweater and a scarf.

Believe me it looks a lot better on the rack than on me:)


After shopping we went up to the ski lodge to look around.


They had started manufacturing snow since they haven’t had any naturally.


I was excited to learn they have tubing. The boys and I went one year in PA to Seven Springs and I loved it. I would love for Phil and I get to go once before we leave.image


The girls and I then drove around to see what else we could see.

We went down this dirt road that climbs up a hill that looks out over what seemed to us to be wilderness.

It was almost dusk and it’s winter but I bet in the spring and summer it is breath taking.



A pretty sunset.


We saw some wild turkeys


Today Phil took me to look at the right of way where he has been working this week in MN.

We saw some more wild turkeys.


We went to Grand Forks and got our groceries for making Thanksgiving dinner. The company is actually having a Thanksgiving dinner for the employees but since that is Phil and mines favorite holiday we prefer to eat at home.

Phil had a good week at work watching final clean-up in a wetland.

He also found it amusing watching these laborers moving this honey bucket  so they could excavate a road bore.



I’ve been reading through James Lee Burke’s series about Dave Robicheaux, the tormented cop from Louisiana.

So that was our week. Until next time….

God Bless