Monday, February 22, 2010

Two lanes - twistin' down a dusty highway Two souls - on their way to where it leads Doobie Brothers

We were finally able to leave Retama on Wednesday afternoon.  We didn't leave until 2:30, but we still managed to get to Baytown that night, which was far enough outside of Houston to avoid rush hour traffic the next morning.  Thursday night we made it to Meridian, MS, where we met our friend and neighbor, Jim Brumfield. He put the truck and trailer in his shop and we went out to dinner, then back to  his and his wife Hazel’s house.  I can’t even begin to describe what a beautiful home they have.  To give you some idea though, the same designer that designed Dean Martin’s house designed their home.

Here is Jim and Trash in their ‘Man-cave”

Jim and Trash mancave

Friday we were getting ready to leave when Phil “stepped wrong” getting in the truck and felt a terrible pain in his knee.  He couldn’t put any weight on it and we decided the best course of action was to take him to the ER.  I was surprised at how quickly they got him back there and saw and treated him.  My experience with ER’s is that you spend hours upon hours waiting.  After an x-ray, the doctor said that his knee had a lot of fluid and that she recommended, when we got to Pennsylvania, that he see an orthopedic doctor for further treatment. She put an immobilizer on his leg, gave him three prescriptions, and off we went.

I’m almost tempted the next time we need an ER in Mission, to drive to Meridian to their ER.  I’ll bet that it still would be faster!

We spent that night in a campground that Jim found for us.  I can’t say enough about what a good friend he was to us during this time.

Phil took his meds and got a good night’s sleep, and we took off Saturday morning.  I was really worried about him climbing in and out of the truck and driving over five hundred miles, but he did great.  We spent the night in Kingsport, TN, where we woke to the sun rising up over the rolling hills.


We then drove the rest of the way to Harrisburg, PA. The cats were exhausted and slept all day today, and the dog is still confused about whether we are traveling today or not.  Phil went in to work and I tried to rest up from the long trip.

Tomorrow he flies to Houston for training, and won’t be back home until Thursday afternoon.

I did manage to take a couple of bird pictures before we left Mission.  Hopefully when we get to Waynesburg I’ll be able to set up my feeders and see some more birds.



So until next time….Make two homes for thyself... One actual home... and another spiritual home, which thou art to carry with thee always. ~ St. Catherine of Siena