Sunday, March 28, 2010

“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.” - Phillip Moffitt

It is such a comfort to be settled finally into the place we plan on being for the next few months. I didn’t unpack while we were in Harrisburg because we never knew for sure when we were moving out to Waynesburg. We ate out every night and made do with as little as possible for a month. It was a difficult time, but it really made me appreciate the little things in our life in our fifth wheel. Life really is what you make of it, and a home is all the love you put into it.

Phil’s first day at work I cleaned and decorated the fifth wheel. I’d bought some rope lights to go on the ledge, and some greenery and mini lights to go the shelf. I also got some candles, candle stick,s and a new flower arrangement for the dining room table.

I fixed Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, and Toll House cookies, and had the candles lit when he came home, so that our first night here would be special.

Our bay window looks out over a beautiful field and wooded area. I can’t wait for spring and fall. I know it will be a beautiful view.

The campground itself is just a few RVs, mostly working folk, with no amenities. There is no mail service here, or even a dumpster for trash, but it is very quiet.

There is a path through the woods that I can walk to go birding, and a state park is only three miles away. If I ever get a car, I’ll have something to look forward to.

Monday, Cindy, Jeff and I went to the Hershey Park Zoo. I never miss an opportunity to go to a zoo.

Everyone had told me it was a very small zoo, but I had no idea that, even walking slowly, it would only take us about an hour to go through it.

I didn’t care though, I just love seeing the animals.

As we were getting ready to leave Harrisburg, we were treated to this plane doing touch-and-goes at the Harrisburg Airport.

A touch-and-go is when an aircraft lands briefly before taking off again They do this over and over for a couple of hours.

Cindy and Jeff told us this could be Air Force One, as it uses Harrisburg International as a practice course because of its proximity to Washington and New York City. Also, because it was once an Air Force base, it has one of the longest and widest runways on the east coast. It was thrilling to watch this plane fly so close to us again and again.

I was very excited this week to find out that Kindle is now available for the PC for free. I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kindle, since I read so much. There is not always a library close by, and buying new books is very expensive. I have been downloading free e-books for days now, and have about three hundred of them ready when I get my Kindle. I can also read them on my laptop, if I wish. There are a lot of classics, biographies, and history books that you can download for free. Best of all, they don’t take up any room in the fifth wheel!

I’ve already I spotted my first bird here, a robin singing away in the tree right next to me.

So I leave you with this beautiful sunset. Just think, I get to see sunsets like this every night! :)

Books this week. Only one this week.

A Cold Day In Hell (The Dull Knife Battle 1876) by Terry C. Johnston


  1. Kathy, like your new pictures and narratives. It seems like a very serene setting. How are the boys and Chloe settling in at their new surroundings? It has been chilly here the last few days. Jeff and I have only walked once since you left. Yesterday, we went to the Saturday Market in Middletown. Jeff bought two paperbacks, $2.00 each. They are just like new. His favorite author, Clive Cussler. He also picked out a few little snacks from the Amish ladies, and then home for the evening. We have been enjoying our new bird feeder. Jeff hung it on the tree across the campground road. We watch them eat while we do the same. Watching the "Yankees" and NASCAR race this afternoon, and then tonight a hockey game out at the Hersey Giant Center. The campground owners gave us free tickets. Enjoy your sunsets. The one you posted is beautiful!
    God Bless,


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