Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nature, History and Finding a Home

Busy week this week.

Monday, Cindy, Jeff and I went to Wildwood Park to walk the nature trail there and see what we could see. I can’t remember the last time I willingly walked four miles anywhere. We did see a lot of signs of spring’s return, along with some birds and squirrels.

In other seasons I’m sure this is a beautiful trail to walk. Right now, though, the tress and grasses are all brown and dead looking.

I did see a couple of new birds for me: a Carolina Wren and some Gold finches.

A Robin.

Cindy and Jeff showing where we are on the trail.

Cindy has a great eye. She is always seeing unusual shapes in different things.

Like this T-Rex

A tree with a face

There were a lot of water birds.

I love this Mallard, he is so perfect.

Mallard [800x600]

Tuesday, Cindy and went and looked at the “Star Barn”.

The Star Barn was built in 1872, and has since became a National Historical Landmark.

To read more about the Star Barn go here: Star Barn

Cindy and I also went to the Hummel walking trail. This one was very short. I did see my first Dark-Eyes Junco, though, and my first Muskrat!

I had no idea they were so big!

Wednesday Cindy, Jeff and I went to the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. This is a huge museum that has a lot of artifacts from the Civil War. The exhibits are presented by talking dioramas, photos, short films, and actual artifacts.


We couldn’t take a lot of photos inside because we weren’t allowed to use our flash.

I did learn a lot of interesting facts about the Civil War, such as the Civil War was the first time that the bugle call "Taps" was played.

The first time battlefields were photographed.

The first time land mines were planted.

It’s a great museum that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys history,

Friday, Phil, Chloe and I headed to Waynesburg to look for a campground to stay in for the duration of the job. We spent most of the day Saturday looking for a spot with no luck. Most of the campgrounds were already filled with gas well workers and pipleliners, and the ones that weren't full weren’t opening until mid April or May. Completely discouraged around 4:00 P.M. , we finally got in touch with the campground owner in Wind Ridge, PA, which is twenty miles from the office where Phil will be. It’s further than he wanted to drive, and the “campground” is really just a gravel parking lot with hook-ups, but by this time we felt very fortunate that we found anything.

Sunday we met Phil’s mom for lunch and headed back to Harrisburg.


Books this Week

Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh

A Walk in the Woods Bill Bryson

Vengeance Road Rick Mofina

One Scream Away Kate Brady

An Urge to Kill John Lutz

So the first day of spring has finally come, and I leave you with this

Mourning Dove.

I heard just today
the sweet plaintive song
of the Mourning Dove
spying his soft gray brown form
sitting lonely,in my old oak tree
he sings a melody of gentle sighs
that speaks of love so true...
there is a sadness in his quiet voice
as call he must for his mate
sweet and low his honeyed coos
fills the damp still air...
in rain and chill, sing he must
and find his one true love
to build a nest to share
or once anon fly away
his sad song to sing...

By Beloved Dreamer