Monday, November 7, 2011

Trip to Frostburg MD

Sue and I went to Frostburg to take some photos along old Route 40 and the National Pike.

This is  diesel engine getting ready to pull out.

This photographer was sitting on the front of the diesel train to get a shot of the steam engine pulling into the station.

We had no idea it was even there, we had gone looking for the Carriage museum and we found the train depot with the train coming into the station.

We then went to Penn Alps to photograph the Casselman Bridge

Erected in 1813, and still standing as a picturesque relic of Maryland's early transportation history, the Casselman River Bridge, with its 80 foot span, was the longest single span stone arch bridge in the world during the era of the National Road.

The arch caused skeptics to predict the bridge's collapse once construction was complete and the supporting timbers were removed. The skeptics were wrong, however, as the bridge stood, serving as an important link on the National Road from 1813 to 1933.

 Penn Alps is a village of local artists, creating and selling their work.

There is a bird carver, a soap maker, a weaver, and several others.

I captured some pretty flowers there also.

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  1. Frostburg??? is that a real name? sounds like a place near Santa's workshop.
    Great shots of the train!


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