Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bye Bye......Gall Bladder and Trip to Nemacolin Castle

No, I did not take this photo, they wouldn't let me bring my camera into the operating room, darn it,but this is the procedure I had done Tuesday morning.
I've been feeling pretty lousy for months now, so I'm relived to have this out and hopefully to be feeling more like myself.

Sweet Sue took me the day before my surgery for a pedicure, how cool was that????
So I had pretty toes for the surgeon. :)

 Everyone at Phil's office  chipped in and got me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

A few weeks ago, Sue and I went for a tour of Nemacolin Castle in Brownsville.
Nemacolin Castle, with octagonal tower and battlements, dates back to the 1790s. An original log house which predates the Castle is incorporated into the structure. This original structure served as a trading post, a refuge from Indians, and a stopping-off point for westward bound settlers. Its owner, Jacob Bowman, was himself a pioneer when he migrated to Brownsville in February 1786. His trading post prospered, and in the following years, Jacob, along with the following generations of Bowmans, built a mansion around the simple trading post.
The castle is suppose to be haunted but neither Sue nor I saw any ghosts, thank goodness.
This little lady was our tour guide, just look at her captivating eyes!

The inside of the castle is filled with period pieces.

The view from the grounds was nice also.

This is the Brownsville bridge

Sue makes such a lovely subject!

 While we didn't feeel like the castle was haunted, we did get a very bad vibe just driving around the town of Brownsville. It felt really creepy and we were both eager to leave the area.

These are my wins for the last couple of weeks.

Reading J.D. Robb's series Eve Dallas plus a couple of more