Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friendship Hill

Sue and I went to Friendship Hill which was Albert Gallatin’s home.
Albert Gallatin was the Secretary of the Treasury during the Jefferson and Madison administrations. In that time he reduced the national debt, purchased the Louisiana Territory and funded the Lewis & Clark exploration. His home has been restored in order to show his accomplishments and contributions.
It’s a beautiful place. The grounds are well kept and the view is very picturesque.
It’s a great place to take photographs.
Albert Gallatin

Friendship Hill 10

Friendship Hill

friendship hill 2

friendship hill 4

friendship hill 3

friendship hill 5

Friendship Hill 7

friendship hill 6

Friendship Hill 8

Friendship Hill 9
Hawk flying over
Friendship Hill Hawk
Who is that masked bird?
Common Yellowthroat
A common Yellowthroat Warbler showed up at the house the other day. I was thrilled, of course.
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