Saturday, July 20, 2013

Making new birding friends and joining two birding organizations

I went over to Bentsen State Park on a Monday when most of the park’s employee’s are off. While I was walking around looking for things to shoot,I saw this small group of people, and I walked up and introduced myself, and asked them if I could help them find anything. It turned out they were on a field trip from San Antonio and were members of the Texas Ornithological Society. I showed them the Altamira Oriole nest and the Curve Billed Thrasher nest and where the Baby Green Herons had been hanging out at the top of a tree.

altamira oriole in nest BSP

Baby Green Heron BSP

Baby Green Heron BSP 2

Baby Green Heron BSP 3

Curve Billed Thrasher Worm BSP

I then talked them into going over to the National Butterfly Center to see the Groove Billed Anis
Groove Billed Ani with bug2

Groove Billed Ani NBC5

Afterwards they invited me to lunch and got to talking about the Texas Ornithological Society. So when I got back home I looked it up and joined. They invited me to meet them the next day in Weslaco to go to Frontera and to the Valley Nature center for a birding morning. Joanne went with me and I got three life birds! A Black and white warbler,a Carolina Wren and this juvenile Green Kingfisher.

Green Kingfisher Frontera

So it was a great day birding with new friends.

I also joined Texas Nature & Environmental Photographers.
The mission of TexNEP is to provide a forum for individuals interested in the field of nature photography and the environment,
provide education, gather and disseminate information, and promote nature photography as an art form and medium of communication.

They hold monthly meetings and go on field trips.
The first field trip that I am going to get to go on is on Sunday at the
Laguna Seca Ranch ,a 700-acre photography ranch, located north of Edinburg, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.
So I am really excited to have the opportunity to go and see the birds and hopefully take some good photos.