Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TGR Wildlife Park

I’ve been searching for places to go in the area and found TGR Wildlife Park just a little over a mile from where we are staying.
So on a Sunday Phil and I went over there. It’s a fenced in park in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
The first thing I noticed was this screeching that sounded like a baby crying.
It was this Hornbill!
Horn Bill Exotic Game Farm Spring

TGR Wildlife Park was started by a couple a few years ago, their first animal was a pot bellied pig and the park grew from there.
They now have over a 100 animals, most of them rescues from people who thought it would be cool to have maybe a kangaroo or some other animal in their back yard.

I love LLamas
Llama Exotic Game Farm Spring

Llama Exotic Game Farm Spring2

We were taken around the park by two guides that were funny and knowledgeable about the animals.
Monkey Exotic Game Park

I love Servals ,I wish I could have one.
Serval Exotic Game Park

This is Mouse. He is the park’s rat killer. Also a rescue.
Mouse Exotic Game Park

A spotted Hyena that was just beautiful I wish I could have gotten a picture of her with her mane standing up.
Spotted Hyena Exotic Game Park

Kangaroo Exotic Game Park

The park has several several porcupines from different parts of the world.
Porcupine Exotic Game Park

Kunekune Pigs from New Zealand
kunekune pig exotic game park spring

Exotic Game Farm Spring
A couple of Capybaras
Capy Exotic Game Farm 2

Capy Exotic Game Farm
American Bison
Bison Exotic Game Park

Sweet Camel
Camel Exotic Game Park Spring 2

Camel Exotic Game Park Spring
We chuckled over this sign
Exotic Game Farm Spring4


Cavey Exotic Game Farm Spring
Yellow Headed Vulture
Yellow Headed Vulture Exotic Game Farm spring2

Yellow Headed Vulture Exotic Game Farm spring

Owl Exotic Game Farm Spring

Armadillo Exotic Game Park Spring

Another Porcupine

Exotic Game Farm Spring3
Exotic Game Farm Spring2

Anteater Exotic Game Farm Spring


sloth exotic game farm spring

Books I've been reading.




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