Saturday, February 14, 2015

Birding with friends

Last Sunday I got to go birding with our friends and neighbors, John and Audrey and Carol and Jerry. We went to the Yturria Brush Tract.
Yturria Brush is an 1,800 acre tract that is a natural habitat filled with birds, butterflies and other species of nature.
Going bird watching with John and Audrey is like having your own personal scientists with you.
The knowledge they have of flora and fauna is amazing,

Black Throated Sparrow

Desert Checkered Skipper

White Eyed Vireo

Clay Colored Sparrow

A Dung Beetle.  I had always believed they were only in Africa.

An Evening Primrose

Gray Hairstreak

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors and friends to go birding with in the Valley.