Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another busy week

I guess this past week is an example of how many things there are to do once the season actually starts!
Monday we had a craft class where we learned to make baked potato bags. now I'm a real novice at sewing, have zero confidence, but thanks to a couple of pros that were there I managed to muddle through and it didn't turn out half bad:)

Angie and Kathleen working together on the baked potato bag.

My finished bag

We had water aerobics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday night was pizza night up at the clubhouse.

Got my library card Monday, wasn't impressed by the local library but oh well.
I got spoiled in Kansas where all I had to do was go online and place books I wanted on hold then go pick them up. Here there is no online service and the way the library is laid out it's hard to find what I'm looking for.

I read three books this week. One by Lee Child which I found to be too violent for my tastes And two by Harlan Coben, which were good but very similar stories.

Watched Get Smart and Iron Man, I liked both of them. I thought Steve Carrell did a great job, not too much over the top but very much like Don Adams.
In Ironman I liked the robot with the fire extinguisher the best:)

TV this season has been unusally good.
I really like Life on Mars,I love Harvey Kietel!
Jason O'Mara is a good actor too and I was thrilled to see Michael Imperioli in something since Sopranos ended. the show is one of the few in a long time that I can't wait until the next week's episode.

I'm disappointed in House. It isn't amusing anymore and House is no longer sarcastic and funny, he's just mean.
Grey's Anatomy is having a good season so far.
The Mentalist is an interesting premise. I like Simon Baker, I'm not too crazy about Robin Tunney. She's too stiff.
CSI is pretty good this year,though I miss Gary Dourdan. I'm glad they are focusing more on William Peterson's charactor.
Law and Order I think I'm watching the show now just to see if Christopher Meloni
will take off his shirt again!

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