Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another great week

We had a celebration party for Bill who got his citizenship on Wednesday. That was very moving.

Our pc classes are going well, I think and we are having fun.

Saturday we had a pancake breakfast and Phil and I helped cook and serve.

Sunday we hosted a spaghetti supper. Well we cooked but Jim actually hosted.

Gayle,Bonnie, Dale, and Mark came and I think they all enjoyed it.

We had spaghetti and salad and homemade bread and white chocolate dipped strawberries, YUM

It is so terrific here.

I can’t believe it will be Thanksgiving soon. It seems so strange to be wearing shorts and go into the stores and hear Christmas music!

I just got through reading a wonderful book called "The Woods" written by Harlan Coben. I really hated when I finished it.

I need to get my library card here in Mission. Haven't done that yet and that is usually one of the first things I do when we get somewhere new.