Sunday, March 1, 2009

I live in my own little world, but it's ok . . . they know me here

It was a hard week, but a good one.

Monday I went to a Mary Kay facial party. I don't usually do girly things like facials, pedicures, manicures, etc., but I wanted to go and support Ellen. She is such a sweetie. She had a good turnout and the girls all seemed to have a great time.

Even Sparkles, Sandy's dog, wanted to look more beautiful!

Monday night we took Jack and Danielle and Larry and Linda to dinner. Jack and Larry had pulled the electric in the coach house for us, and being the terrific guys that they are they wouldn't let us pay them for all their hard work, so we took them all out to dinner to show our appreciation. We went to Furr's Buffet. None of us had eaten there. Phil and I thought it wasn't too bad.

Tuesday I finished sewing my casserole cover. Thank goodness for Angie. She helped me to get it finished. From now all of my sewing projects are going to be on the beginner level only.
I was very proud that I got it finished.


Tuesday afternoon I made a brie with caramelized onions dish for happy hour. Yum! You cook the onions down with brown sugar, and I could have just eaten them without the brie! I followed the recipe but apparently the recipe was written wrong, because it said to cut the brie in half and place the onions on half then cover the onions with the remaining brie and bake. Well, what happens is that the brie oozes out into a mess! I'll know better next time. This is the way it is suppose to look.

Thursday we made the move to our lot. It really doesn't make any difference if you are just moving a street over or across the country, you still have to pack everything up. At least we had the coach house to store things in this time. Barb and Greg babysat Chole and the cats while we took the truck and fifth wheel to be inspected and weighed. When we finally got everything set back up we were exhausted, so we were so grateful when our new neighbors, Dennis and Carol, invited us out to dinner.

Our new home:

Friday I had to go to an eye appointment because I lost my glasses. We actually found them Friday morning, but since they now had a scratched lens we decided to go ahead and keep the appointment. I'm sure I needed a new prescription anyway. We spent half the day taking care of that, then Phil spent the rest of the days getting tags for our vehicles. I wasn't real happy when he brought back my "personalized" license plate. At least it wasn't PMS 24-7.

Friday we had record highs in Mission. 101° was the temperature recorded at McAllen, topping the previous record high of 95°.

Saturday morning we got up and were doing some cleaning and getting ready to go to the Mission Car Show and the temperature dropped! We had high winds and drizzle, as the temperature dropped about 15°. I had placed a bird feeder outside our window so the boys could have "bird tv", and a flock of red winged black birds showed up for breakfast. But, with the wind blowing so hard it ended up blowing the bird feeder down.

We decided to brave the "cold" and go to the car show. The show wan't very big but they did have some beautiful old cars.

Saturday night we were invited to dinner by our former neighbors, Barb and Greg. Barb is a wonderful cook! I had made a chocolate cheesecake for them for babysitting our babies, so I just took that along. Sue and Lloyd were there also. Lloyd is a riot! It's amazing how many people we have met here that we have connected with.

Books this week: The Passionate War: The narrative history of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 by Peter Wyden
I've never read anything about the Spanish Civil War and this book has been a good learning experience.

Movies this week: The Happening a M. Night Shyamalan movie starring Mark Wahlberg
A truely horrible movie. I can't figure out what is going on with M. Night Shyamalan. I mean we know he has a good movie in him somewhere, or he did once anyway.