Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. ~Moshe Dayan


We had a really nice week this week. Phil was off most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday and Monday for the Fourth, so we enjoyed spending time together.

I got my summer canning done already. I canned Pepper Jelly, Cinnamon Pickles, and Sweet Pickles.

We took a drive Sunday in the convertible with Chloe.  We weren’t sure how she would like it -- she doesn't even stick her head out the car window like normal dogs – but, as it turned out, she enjoyed it.




We drove to Coopers Rock Overlook. It is an absolutely gorgeous overlook in West Virginia.


coopers rock overlook3

 Coopers Rock overlook

 Coopers Rock Overlook2

The overlook is very steep so I didn’t venture out very far until Phil was with me.

We then we drove to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, just to look around, after which we had a nice picnic.  It was a great day to go for a long drive.

That evening we picked up Phil’s mom and went to Nemacolin Woodlands to watch the fireworks.  It was so neat with the top down.  They looked like they were falling right on us.


 fireworks nemacolin





Yesterday we picked up our friend Sonja to go for a ride and to get some ice cream.  It was hot, hot, hot!

Phil used to work with Sonja when he was working for Spectra Energy.  She is a neat gal and has been a great friend to me.

Sonja with one of her fur babies, Ginger.

Sonja and Ginger

These are the cooling towers at Hatfield Ferry Power Station, a coal-fired power plant along the Monongahela River, across from Masontown, PA, which we passed on the way home from Sonja’s.  They have convinced some visitors to the area that it’s a nuclear plant, but it sits right in the middle of a coal field.


I’m still getting lots of finches and sparrows at my feeder.

I love watching them, every day they put on a show for me and the cats.















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