Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day ~William Shakespeare

The days are flying by! I can’t believe we have already been in Pennsylvania for nearly five months. Time os just passing too quickly!

We had a few really hot days this week, but when Phil was off Sunday, the weather was perfect for another ride in the convertible.

A picture of the sky over our heads

cloud from convertible

We rode up to Somerset County to see the Flight 93 Memorial.  What a sobering sight!

This is the building that hold several plaques about what occurred that day.

 flight 93 building

flight 93

This is where they plan to build the Memorial site.

site of memorial

From this desolate field, they plan to have this.


It will be beautiful if it ever gets finished.

After leaving the Memorial site, we drove down to see a covered bridge.

covered bridge


covered bridge 2


I love this red barn.

 red barn

We have really enjoyed riding around and seeing the countryside on Sundays.

I’m still doing a lot of reading. Mainly series, what’s known as Urban Fantasy.

Last week it was the Dead End Dating series.

This week it’s the Immortality Bites series.

It’s nice to read something mindless and just be able to escape from thinking.