Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Make Me Sick

I was sick last week and this past week my pc was sick.
I got hold of a nasty,nasty virus that ended up making me have to wipe my PC clean. Good thing I always back everything up to an external drive.
I got to see the cardinal a few times this week.

Debra, Judy and I went to lunch and to show Judy around. She is from Texas also and has just come up to be with her husband while he is working.
We went to an antique shop that Debra likes. I loved this old bicycle and tiller.

We then went to the Iron Furnace.Iron Furnace2
Iron Furnace
Judy and Debra
Flowering Tree
flowering tree
Couldn’t pass by this idyllic farm without taking a photo.
Farm life
We rode up to Ohiopyle. On the way we saw this lovely church.
Blue church
We stopped at an overlook on Sugarloaf road.
sugarloaf overlook
So we had a nice day.
I finished reading Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants

Fun book about her childhood, her years on Saturday night Live and now working on 30 Rock and her portrayal of Sara Palin on as a guest on Saturday Night Live. I read this book in one day.